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natural lawns, michael cunningham landscape design
April 1, 2024
As more homeowners opt for natural lawns, the days of high-maintenance, meticulously groomed lawns are fading. Tasks like mowing, weeding, and chemical treatments can be time-consuming and raise...
Lynch Landscape, Elevated Terrain
March 27, 2024
With rolling meadow hillsides and natural grade changes, some of the most beautiful land plots come with the most difficult terrain. While an undulating landscape can pose its own set of challenges,...
Mac Davis Flooring, Flooring, Cape and Islands, Massachusetts
March 25, 2024
Mac Davis Flooring operates with a meticulous approach, focusing not only on sales but also on installation, refinishing, and repair services. With a commitment to excellence, the company extends its...
Zen Associates, Al Fresco Dining, Outdoor Living Spaces, Landscape Design
March 20, 2024
Spring is just around the corner, and the time has come to open up the doors and let the fresh air in. After a long, cold winter there is no greater feeling than enjoying an al fresco dining...
Gregory Lombardi Design, Luscious Layers, Eco-Friendly Landscape
March 11, 2024
Landscape architecture is both an art and a science. Designing outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and land sensitive is a holistic approach to the craft, one that prioritizes longevity and care....
Blue Hour Design, Emerald Square, Blue Hour, Dusk
March 5, 2024
Blue Hour: The hour when anything is possible. Marking a new chapter in their thriving careers in architecture and interior design, John Day and Kyle Sheffield have launched their new firm, Blue Hour...


Mark Haddad - Interiology
Interiology Design Co.
As part of the Masters of Interior Design Series, Mark Haddad, founder and principal designer of Interiology Design Co, strives to take homes and elevate them into inspiring spaces of luxury. He offers beautiful solutions, completed with the finest details, materials, and furnishings- and with the clients in mind.
Kotzen Interiors
Kotzen Interiors
As part of the Masters of Interior Design Series, Barbara Kotzen, principal designer of Kotzen Interiors, stresses the importance of understanding clients. This knowledge allows her to create spaces that reflect them, and which are carefully designed with attention to each detail- from colors to furniture.
Robin Gannon
Robin Gannon Interiors
As part of the Masters of Interior Design Series, Robin Gannon, of Robin Gannon Interiors, uses a critical-thinking approach when it comes to her projects. First focusing on the original interior architecture and lighting, she is able to work with clients to reflect their tastes back into the space and create timeless interiors.
SLC Interiors
SLC Interiors
As part of the Masters of Interior Design Series, Susanne Lichten Csongor, founder of SLC Interiors, uses her expertise to reflect not only the SLC brand, but her clients within completed projects. These spaces are timeless- a result of the collaborative process she has formed between clients, architects, and builders.
Taste Design Inc.
Taste Design Inc.
As part of the Masters of Interior Design Series, Patti Watson, owner and principal designer of Taste Design Inc, works to provide clients with homes that serve as a place of refuge and balance. She places emphasis on educating clients throughout the design process, as well as high-quality end results.
Trellis Home Design
Trellis Home Design
As part of the Masters of Interior Design Series, Allison Mattison, principal and head designer of Trellis Home Design, layers color and pattern with classic design roots in order to create noteworthy and timeless homes. She focuses on the clients’ desires, as well as what could be included to make each room stand out.

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